Ultimate Guide: How to Spot Fake Stone Island Bags, Clothes and Accessories on Shopee, Lazada and Carousell?

This series of ultimate guide, we will guide you on how to spot fake Stone Island bags, clothes and accessories on popular e-commerce platforms in Malaysia such as Shopee, Lazada and Carousell.


First, you need to ask yourself, why are you here? Are you trying to look for authentic Stone Island items on these platforms? Or you have purchased one but unsure whether it is an authentic piece? Well. This is the ultimate guide for you.


You need to know about Stone Island first. 


Stone Island (not Stone Islands or Pulau Batu), is an Italian luxury fashion based that is currently owned by Moncler, another Italy luxury fashion company.


Now talk about the retail price of Stone Island.


According to the Stone Island official website, a Stone Island simple basic polo tee from the latest season SS22 is priced at USD $175 (~RM730) and some other clothes are priced at even higher price. 

On another online retailer website, END., which is based in UK, a basic Stone Island Patch Logo tee is priced at ~RM578 onwards. Meanwhile a Stone Island Patch Waist Bag is listed for ~RM1026 and a cap is listed for ~RM650. 

On Mr. Porter website, which is another retailer based in UK, a piece of Stone Island Logo Appliqued Jersey T Shirt costs USD $145 (~RM610). 


Further, we checked the resell price for a piece of Stone Island Tee. It is also above USD $120, without tax and shipping fees. 


Well. The pricing on above items are yet to add on 10% of import tax and also shipping fees of about RM80 from the retailers. 


From the above pricing, we can see that a piece of Stone Island Tee starts from RM600 and a bag starts from RM1000. You must be asking, why is the pricing for Stone Island is so expensive? The answer is clear. Because Stone Island is a luxury fashion brand and not any cheapskate brand. 




There are uncountable Stone Island clothes and bags listed on both Lazada and Shopee, but how many of them are authentic? The answer is almost 100%. The reason is simple. Most of the items are selling at the price of way below its retail price at RM50 and low. How is that even possible for an authentic piece of Stone Island tee that costs RM650 and to be listed on Shopee for RM30 to RM50. Wake up guys. These are not authentic. 

Of course, there might be some shops that are selling authentic Supreme merchandises with resell price. But how many of them? Unless you have confidence on the seller, then only proceed to purchase. 




Carousell is different Shopee and Lazada as it has a lot of new and used items. However, there are a lot of scammers on this platform as those scammers will ask the buyer to bank in to their account without sending out the items. 


If you are getting a piece of Stone Island Tee from Carousell, it would better if you check the ratings of the seller. After that, can request for more photos about the item then you can determine the authenticity of the item. 


Of course, the safest way is to ask the seller out to meet up at somewhere safe. Then check the item yourself before you purchase. There are tons of legit check software as well.

Facebook Group


There are a lot of Streetwear Facebook group by Malaysian. Of course, it does contain scammers as well because it is impossible to prevent 100% zero scam. 


What you need to do is the legit check EVERY SINGLE seller on the Streetwear Facebook Group before proceed with the transaction and look for those who vouch for him. Do compare the account holder name with the Facebook name to ensure both are the same before proceed. DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT. 


Instagram/Facebook Page


There are uncountable Instagram/Facebook pages that sell Stone Island items and there are a lot of scammer as well. If you are interested to purchase a piece of authentic Stone Island bag, don’t mind to legit check the Instagram/Facebook page on the Streetwear Facebook Group before proceed with the transaction and look for those who vouch for him. Do compare the account holder name with the Facebook name to ensure both are the same before proceed. DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT. 


REMINDER: Many LIKES or FOLLOWERS do not mean they sell authentic items. Likes can be purchased, remember?


Original Rejected/Authorized Rejected


Do not believe in these two terms. Basically they mean fake. There is no way a luxury brand would allow its low quality items being released into the market. Even if the item came from the original factory, but it has flaw and did not pass the quality control. It doesn’t qualify as an authentic or original item.


Basically those Original Rejected items are just fake item that the factories are unable to copy 100% the same. This is the main reason why the seller said it is rejected because the item has slight difference. This is a complete nonsense. 


How possible a huge company likes Stone Island is willing to risk its multibillion brands and allowing those flaw items to be released into the market? The answer is impossible. 




Stone Island items are easily available with very cheap price, but how many of them are authentic? Well. You need to use common sense to think before you make your purchase. 


If the item is too cheap and below retail/resell price – if you are a seller, are you willing to sell the item at under-price when the demand is high?


If the item is around the range of retail/resell – conduct legit check before purchase. DO NOT SOLELY BELIEVE ON THOSE RATINGS AND REVIEWS BECAUSE IT CAN BE CREATED AND BOUGHT EASILY BY FAKE ACCOUNTS.


Only buy from reputable retailer such as END. And Mr. Porter or purchase directly via Stone Island website. If you are ready to pay for RM500 for a piece of Stone Island Tee, why would you save the RM100 on shipping from Stone Island store itself. 


It brings no pride if you are using a fake item of which infringed others’ trademarks and copyrights. With the same amount of RM100 or RM200, you can get a piece of authentic Adidas or Calvin Klein Tee. Why would you get a piece of fake Stone Island Tee and pretend it to be authentic?


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