Ultimate Guide: What is Bag Bundle / Beg Bundle? and Why is it so popular on Facebook Groups?

What is the meaning of Bag Bundle? (Apa maksud Beg Bundle?)

Bundle means several objects or a quantity of material gathered or bound togetherBag Bundle or Beg Bundle in Malay means the bags were sourced from supplier in a bulk, with a cheap price. For example, a huge sack/box contained 50 bags being sold for the price of RM1000, with an average of RM20 per piece. How is that possible for bags such as Louis Vuitton (LV), Coach, Prada, Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci and MCM to be priced at RM20 a piece? Even local brands such as Bonia and Sembonia don't sell such low pricing bags. 

Before we start to talk about Bag Bundle, let's take a look at the pricing of authentic bags from various brands. 

Louis Vuitton

The handbags from Louis Vuitton starts from the price of RM8000 and it could go up until RM30000 or even more. The price range is exactly similar to the bags that are selling at flagship stores in Starhill Gallery. 


MCM backpack is very common and you can see it almost everywhere. However, the retail price of the backpack is about RM3000 for the mini size and above RM4000 for a standard size backpack. 


Prada Nylon handbag and pouch are very popular among the fashion-chasers. The basic Prada Nylon starts from USD990 (~RM4100). Of course, some Prada bags could go up until RM20000 as well.


This popular Chanel handbag with gold chain is selling for USD8200 (~RM34000) for a small size. The length of the bag is about 22.5cm. Definitely, the larger size costs higher amount that this one. 

Christian Dior

Regarding to Christian Dior handbag, you can see that the pricing for medium tote is from USD3200 (~RM13400). The pricing is increasing when size is getting larger. Definitely, a Dior handbag could be selling at RM40000 or even further. 


If you are not familiar with Coach bag, actually most of Coach bags are above RM1000 if you purchase from flagship store in shopping mall.

Coach Outlet

Coach has outlet in the America and European countries and the price cut is actually quite high. A small flip crossbody bag from Coach Outlet is selling at the price around USD125 (~RM520). 

Kate Spade

A quick check on Kate Spade website revealed that a small shoulder bag from the American brand costs USD178 (~RM745). 

Disclaimer: Certain brands such as Kate Spade, Coach, Michael Kors and etc are having outlets in the America and European Countries. However, the out price for a piece of small sling bag or hand bag would still cost RM300 to RM500 (retail price ~RM500 to ~RM700) while a medium size handbag from outlet would cost from RM500 to RM1000 (retail price ~RM800 to RM2000). 

Authenticity of Bag Bundle (Macam mana boleh tau beg mana yang ori atau fake?)

Since we already knew about the pricing of authentic bags from various brands, let's take a look at the bags from bundle group. From here, we can determine the authenticity of the bags. 

Louis Vuitton Vernis Wallet is selling for RM2450 on LV Malaysia website. So this is a fake wallet. 

A Kate Spade bag sells for RM90?? Its a fake one. 

Two LV wallet for RM100? Both are fake wallets. 

A pretty good condition Louis wallet for RM380? Its a fake too. A new LV men's wallet costs RM2500 at LV flagship in Pavilion. In such condition, no one would sell for under-price at RM380.

Above are a few samples obtained from Bag Bundle Group and we can pretty much confirmed that most of the items are fake.  


There are a few sellers that are selling self-claimed authentic bags with the price of a few hundreds and thousands. If you are dealing with those sellers, it would be best if you can meet the seller at the flagship store in Pavilion or Mid Valley. Then, bring the bag to legit check. If it is authentic, then you can proceed with the purchase. Else, do not proceed if you have doubts.


If a seller claim that a small handbag is from outlet and it's new, it is still impossible for it to cost below RM200. 

Fake bag scam in Bag Bundle (Cara until elakkan kena tipu di group beg bundle)


There are sellers that trying to scam customers by adding in a few keywords on the description of their fake products. The keywords give false hope to those looking for authentic bags. 


1. Datecode (Apa maksud datecode di dalam hand bag?)


It is true that an authentic bag does come with datecode, but a bag comes with datecode is not necessary an authentic bag. 

Since the cloning process is based on authentic bag, then of course, the datecode is clone-able easily. The datecode is just a simple line with printed numbers. Do you think it would be hard for the manufacturer to clone those digit if they can clone the bag?

Certain sellers claim their bags come with datecode and sell at RM150 to RM450 for a fake bag. Well. Does it make any difference for a datecode? Fake is fake. A line of numbers will not change the fact of it. 

2. Authenticity Uncertain


Certain sellers claim that the authenticities of their items are uncertain. Well. If you encounter such sellers, it means they are irresponsible sellers. The sellers are selling fake items but they do not want to admit it.


If the item is an authentic item that they can sell for hundred or thousands even just a wallet from LV. However, the sellers don't even bother to legit check at any flagship store at Pavilion. It means they already knew it is fake. By adding the keywords of authenticity uncertain, they gave false hope to the buyers.


A Coach handbag is claimed to be authenticity uncertain and was priced at RM129. A walk to any Coach flagship store in town would easily reveal the identity of this bag but the seller refused to do it. 


Do not purchase authenticity uncertain bag because it is still a fake bag. No one is willing to sell an authentic item at under price.


3. Claim to be Authentic or Original


Well. There is no such thing as Bundle Original or Bundle Authentic. We have explained on how the words Bag Bundle and Beg Bundle came from. Definitely, the bags came from bulk are fake bags. If you are buying a fake bag, how can it turned out to be authentic-fake or original-fake?


Of course. There are sellers that sell authentic bags in Bundle group as well and the price are a few hundreds. Just like the suggestion earlier, request cash on delivery (COD) to be made near the flagship store of the brand. Then, bring the bag to the flagship store alongside the seller. Only proceed if it is certified authentic by the flagship store.


It is illegal to sell or to own copyright infringement items in Malaysia. Someone can buy authentic item based on their income level. If an individual is able to afford a bag costs RM200, then he or she should look for an authentic bag with that price range. He or she should not look for fake bag from luxury brands that selling for RM200, which the authentic version is actually costs RM8000. There are a lot of RM200 hand bags from local brands within departmental stores like Parkson and Aeon. 

Using fake items do not bring pride to any individual because it is still a fake item, nothing else. Own authentic items gave better self-satisfaction than fake items.


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