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Ultimate Guide: How to Spot Fake Supreme Bags, Clothes and Accessories on Shopee, Lazada and Carousell?

  In this series of beginner’s guide, we will guide you on how to spot fake Supreme bags, clothes and accessories on popular e commerce platforms in Malaysia – Shopee, Lazada and Carousell.  First of all, you need to clear on why are you reading this article? Are you a beginner on Supreme brand? Or Are you trying to know whether the items that you purchased on these items are fake? Well. Let’s start the discussion.   You need to know about Supreme first.   Supreme NYC was founded by James Jebbia in 1994. In the past few years, Supreme is releasing only limited units for all of its items. This makes Supreme merchandise is one of the most sought after within the streetwear circle. Most of the items released on Supreme NYC website being sold out in less than 3 minutes, unless you are lucky.    Now talk about the retail and resell pricing of Supreme.    Well. This Supreme Waist Bag for SS20 season was released at retail price of USD $98 and currently priced at USD $188 on reseller website